Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Phillips Collection - Beautiful Organic Furniture - from Pretty Little Green Things

I ran across this blog post from "Pretty Little Green Things" introducing us to The Phillips Collection founders, Mark and Julie Phillips, and some amazing organic pieces from their collection.  Enjoy!

The Phillips Collection – Beautiful Organic Furniture

Now, I’ve seen my share of raw wood slabs and tree roots turned into tables, but when I saw the furniture line from the Phillips Collection, I stopped and took notice.  There is something absolutely unique and stunning about their pieces that sets them above other similar manufacturers.  I think their tagline sums it all up, “every piece a conversation.”  Founded by Mark and Julie Phillips, this couple has been searched the globe for the best designers, the best materials and the best manufacturers.  You can tell.

Reclaimed wood furniture 
The founders, Mark and Julie Phillips around a massive dining table, made from a teak wood root.  I mean, did I not say gorgeous?

Most of their furniture has been sourced from reclaimed wood sources.  In fact, their Origins line of furniture, sculpture and wall art has been made from felled trees and gnarled branches so that not a single tree has to be cut down.   Smart, huh?  Most of the wood comes from South East Asia and includes teak, rosewood, chamcha and other species.  I’ve gathered a few of my favorites to show you just how unique and special this collection is, but take a peek online as well.  Which one is your favorite?

Eco-friendly reclaimed wood furniture 
I think this one might be my second favorite (after that amazing dining table of course).  It’s just so dynamic – it looks like it might take off!

Eco-friendly furniture

Green furniture
These side tables or stools are made from left over bits of wood, pieced back together to form something useful and so unique.

Reclaimed wood furniture

Eco-friendly reclaimed wood furniture

Green coffee table

Eco-friendly furniture

Reclaimed wood bowl

Reclaimed teak furniture

Eco-friendly wood furniture

Photos from The Phillips Collection

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